Marketing On Demand
Established in 1994 by Daria Carver Paterson and Susan Dunkin Lesica,
we're a marketing consulting firm
that offers a fresh and innovative
approach to planning and managing
your advertising and marketing efforts.  "Smart and Savvy Marketing"...
"Really Creative People" reflect
the attitude and culture
of our company.

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our website.

We have put a lot of time in preparing these pages because we know this is part of a first impression. Hopefully we will share the nature of Marketing On Demand in a way that is meaningful to you. And hey, if you got this far then maybe there is a chance that we can form a connection worth exploring.

Now doesn’t that cut to the core of a good business relationship? Just understanding the nature of a business. So, that is where it all begins. Until we know the background of your business and your goals we can only offer basic solutions. Your business deserves more and we demand more of ourselves. Go ahead… challenge us!

Whether your goal is a printed brochure, new corporate identity, print campaign or update to your website, we are confident we will stay on task and committed to the initial goal by following through on the process and our promise to pay attention to the details. So nice to meet you.


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